– Add your Essential Oil’s to this beautiful portable humidifier. – Has USB cable for convenience for your home or office – Helps relax while working – Adds moisture to rejuvenate the skin to give tha

Humidifier this essential oil diffuser that is ALSO a HUMIDIFIER. cool mist, extra large capacity 1.3 liter (1,300 ml) capacity, high output that adds humidity to your house- perfect for these dry winter months, auto shut off when it runs out of water. Purifiers absorbs particles and allergens while circulating indoor air. Humidifier increases the moisture in the air to prevent airborne viruses and sooth the sinuses. What sets this purifier/humidifier apart, however, is the integrated diffuser that harnesses the benefits of herbs and plants like lobelia and eucalyptus for lung cleansing and respiratory support. Simply load up the capsule with your preferred mixture and pop it in to the top of the device to enhance your respiratory health! cloud_humidifier_03 DIY Humidifier

Operating Your Humidifier – Honeywell B Owner’s Manual [Page 3]Ways to Use Your Essential Oils *Saving this for later. Great resource for getting started. cloud_humidifier_03 Honeywell Mistmate Ultrasonic Humidifier $25 Bestair FSCA6 Splash Humidifier Scent, 16 oz Bottle, Clear/Red/Blue, Multicolor Dyson Humidifier

Refer: https://wearrestthestress.com/products/mini-portable-essential-oil-diffuser-and-humidifier