How to easily and expensively fill a blank wall with built-in shelving using IKEA Billy Bookcases– “ikea hack”, see the full how to do it here. {it’s not hard!}

Bookcase Good, Great, or just OK? Bookcase Great design ideas to spruce up your house for spring! Ikea Variera Cover Caps – use these to fill unused shelf holes that allow you to move shelves around in cabinets and bookcases to give a custom look, comes in black or white

Tv Cabinet Combination Bookcase Lcd Brief Wall Wine CoolerIKEA Billy bookcase: Leave an extra-wide shelf at shoulder height, so you have space for a mirror and to display some treasured items. A curtain is a nice touch, too. Organize Your Living Room With IKEA Built Ins made from Billy Bookcases. There is a CRUCIAL TRICK to painting Ikea furniture that is laminate! I’ve tried painting Billy bookcases before and it was an epic fail, but this looks like it works. YAY!